I am a lot more ....

I am a lot more...

I have back hair.

I wear glasses.

I have brown skin.

This does not tell you who I am.

I love pizza.

I am sixteen.

I love winter.

But this still does not tell you who I am.

I am not popular.

I get good grades.

I don’t like public speaking.

And still, this does not tell you who I am.

Allow me to elaborate.

I have the hair and skin that I do because my mother is indian and my father is haitian.

I wear glasses because I used to sit right in front of the tv even though my mother told me not to.

I love pizza because it reminds me of ‘Pasta Fair’ the restaurant my family couldn’t find enough

excuses to go to.

I have spent sixteen years on this earth and have gained wisdom and knowledge from the many

hardships and experiences I’ve endured.

I love winter because my mom had never forgotten the day I was born and how she could only

stare up at the sky as snow fell all around her and feel just how peaceful everything was.

I am not popular because I simply never have been. Having a million friends means nothing to

me, I only need a few who are willing to get to know who I am and stand by me longer than the

four years we have at school.

I get good grades because my parents pay a lot of money for my brother and I to go to a private

school and I wouldn’t dare abuse the privilege I have by not trying my very best.

I don’t like public speaking because for most of my life I was the odd one out and feared because

no one really knew me they wouldn’t care about what I had to say.

These things tell you who I am.

And still, they don’t,

Because I am a lot more than words on a page and ways I choose to describe myself.

I am a lot more than my physical appearance.

I am a lot more than my interests.

I am a lot more than what I share on the surface.

I am a lot more than my fears and personal demons.

I am a lot more than a stereotype.

I am a lot more than you think.


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13 Oct 2016

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